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Laughlin Farms

Giveaway Bundle

Giveaway Bundle

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Get a Laughlin Farms T-Shirt & Hat

Win an all-expense-paid trip for TWO to the races in Texas on July 5-6 AND THEN head out to Laughlin Farm on July 7th to spend the day hanging out and feeding the animals. Drawing will be held LIVE on Friday, June 14th at 12PM CST on the Alex Laughlin Facebook page.

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What is the New Animal Fund?

What do you use the funds for?

The New Animal Funds are used for just that, to have the ability to acquire and save an animal in need. Kill buyers must be outbid to save these lives.

What types of animals are you looking to acquire?

Currently we are attempting to outbid kill buyers on 4 horses to be sent to Mexico for their meat.

What’s a kill buyer horse?

Kill buyers purchase horses anywhere from $25 to $850, depending how they value it’s meat. These horses are sent to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered.

Kill Buyer Rescue Operation

The Four Horses

There are kill pens all over the United States. And I frequent a local page that runs ads to kill buyers when I came across an ad featuring four horses that were going to be sold to kill buyers in Mexico for Horse Meat. I can't let that happen so I am looking to outbid the buyers and rescue these horses.