Sponsoring is one of the best things that anyone can do.

When you sponsor an animal at Laughlin Farm, you are not just giving an animal a new home, but also a new lease on life! Here at Laughlin Farm, with the help from your gracious donations and our amazing volunteers, these furry friends get a fresh start.

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    Join in on the action! Volunteer, attend one of our events, or just come pet the horses and play with all of our other furry friends. They will certainly appreciate it!

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    Sponsorships provide immediate funds that go directly towards animal care, making it possible for us to address the needs of some of the most vulnerable animals cared for by Laughlin Farms

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    Give something & get something to show your support by purchasing merchandise we can help make a difference in many animal's lives. All merchandise sales go toward sponsoring the needs of our animals.

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Meet the Menagerie


Pelican was adopted in 2022 from his previous humans that didn’t have the means to serve him anymore. Basking in neglect and with no food to eat, the universe brought us together to save him and now others! Not only does he live at Laughlin farm now, he is the whole reason this sanctuary was established! He’s the face of Laughlin Farm, the poster child, if you will. Not only has his life changed for the better, but finding Pelican has transformed the lives of others as well.

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Meet the Menagerie


Margarita is a donkey somewhere around the age of 38 years old. She’s extremely friendly and loves to be around people. Her greatest companion is the other miniature donkey, Sage. They spend pretty much all of their time together, just roaming and doing donkey things. Unfortunately, Margarita has a disease that makes her pretty uncomfortable, but it’s treatable with daily medicines. She gets all of the love and attention in the world, and we are happy to have the chance to take care of her.

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Meet the Menagerie


Sage, the mini donkey with a not so mini heart! Watch out though, she might try to get a taste of your shirt with a little nibble! Sage and Margarita are the bestest of friends. Where one of them is, the other isn’t far off.

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Meet the Menagerie


Meet Lucy, with only hours left before being sent off at the kill pen, we were able to save her and give her a better chance at life here at the Laughlin farm!

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